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Change is a Movement

"Perhaps the greatest thing we can do in life is the selfless act of activism. Fight for the survival of ecosystems, protect biodiversity, and come together to end the depletion of our natural resources." --- Founder, Joshua David

The bottom-line has been replaced with the Triple-Bottom Line of sustainability. This means that a business must integrate economics with social and environmental. Each are part of the Circular Economy which provides benefits in terms on longevity, viability, and profitability.

Economical Imperative

Profit and the bottom-line are major parts of your business model. Integrating sustainability will mean that your structure includes a social and environmental imperative. Statistics show that when sustainability is weaved into a business model, profits rise. At STTLG, we will assess how your business will succeed with this new model.


Stakeholders are the central force behind the social pillar of sustainability. Forming design charrettes, acquiring skilled talent and partners, are all facets that businesses today can integrate technical sustainability methods.


Joining an activity group, lobbying government, or donating to an environmental cause that focus on biodiversity, wildlife population, ocean acidification, trophic cascades, polar ice caps, and more. These are all parts of how a business may find themselves making change toward protecting the environment.