About the Host

My name is Josh and I started Josh Is Talking after my best friend suddenly passed away as a means to be able to talk about my mental health. The podcast grew into a professional format that aims to discuss 3 main topics: Small business, Covid-19, and mental health.

How did Josh Is Talking start?

I knew I need to talk to someone about my mental health struggles after my friend suddenly passed away. I could not talk to counselors, psychiatrists, friends, and not even family. Nothing seemed to help. My own struggles with depression and anxiety were severely exasperated, leaving me vulnerable.

There are times when I know I need to create something out of a bad situation. From a sudden death I began to force myself to speak into a mic. My first 2 episodes are raw and uncut. The sound quality is bad. But it exemplifies where I was emotionally. 

After I uploaded those episodes I realized I wanted to talk to people who might be dealing with similar emotions. I took my passion for working with small businesses and decided to ask if business owners, entrepreneurs, and others, if they wanted to come join my podcast and chat.  

Josh Is Talking - A Mental Health Podcast really helped me open up, especially when hearing about other people's struggles. I helped me connect on a fundamental level.


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