Carbon offsets allow your business to invest in renewable resource programs to offset numerous carbon creation activities. Some of these may include air and land travel, production and distribution, energy and/or waste management, single use plastics, retail purchases, and much more. 

The goal for carbon offsets:

  1. carbon neutrality

  2. carbon negative


Carbon Offset Programs

Wren is a Public Benefit Corporation located in the United States that provides a channel to fund climate solutions through carbon offset projects around the world.

Projects that you can invest in have 1) measurable results, 2) lasting impact, 3) funding, and 4) no double counting. 

TenTree first started in Canada and has quickly grown into a global business. A sustainable clothing retail, they plant 10 trees for every purchase. 

Climate+ is their carbon offset program where you can calculate your carbon footprint and then buy any of the amazing packages including individual, family, flights, long showers, shipping, your use of single-use plastic and toilet paper, and more.


Pachama is a California-based for-profit business that takes carbon neutrality on a whole new level. Using machine learning technology, verifying and monitoring your carbon offsetting projects are instant. 

The technology analyzes satellite and lidar imagery of how much carbon your investment in a forest project captures.  

Planetair is a not-for-profit based in Montreal that aids businesses and organizations evaluate, reduce, and offset their carbon footprint via carbon offsets and credits. A certification is also available for carbon neutral activities and events.


Calculate your carbon footprint and begin your Planetair Portfolio.

carbonzero logo.png

Carbonzero is a Canadian company that provides carbon calculations and offsets.

A carbon certification is available and your carbon offset investments can be reviewed via Carbonzero's serialization and emissions registry.

Virtually all projects are found Canada, however international projects are available.